The global economy and the aviation business in particular is going through an unprecedented crisis in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has become obvious that the “new normal” created by the pandemic is going to have long term effects on all aspects of human endeavour and life and businesses are going to be never the same as it used to be.

Despite the continued movement of air freight during this crisis, the future remain uncertain for most of the players in the airline industry. As “#Contactless” has become the new norm and need of the hour, the adoption of digital technologies has become faster across many industries. Digital technologies are evolving faster to provide a “digital eco-system” of new solutions and tools that offer seamless digital connectivity across key stakeholders in the air freight business offering a ray of hope for faster adoption of digital solutions that aid in faster recovery of air freight business

Cargo Forum 2020 takes a deep dive at the challenges that the global air cargo industry is facing today and discusses the key issues as well as solutions that businesses around the world can consider while they adapt to the "new normal" that is evolving and crystalizing fast.

The event will span across 7 weeks with each week focusing on a specific theme that is relevant to the air freight industry today and into the new normal that we are going through. Panel discussions focus on the “road-to-recovery” aspects from an executive leadership perspective and move into digital solutions that help air cargo businesses to connect and collaborate digitally for faster freight as well as the increasing role of analytics in air cargo.

We will also be showcasing the on-going product investments that will aid you better your business and help you emerge stronger thorough innovation and digitalization.

Join us for Cargo Forum 2020 starting 7th October 2020.


Why Attend

A different perspective

Listen to new and diverse perspective from business leaders and technologists on how the pandemic is altering business dynamics and behavior and the role that technology play for positive outcome

What iCargo offers

IBS showcases the investments that we are continuously doing in the iCargo product that helps you become successful in you business during the pandemic as well as in the world that is slowly emerging from it.

Co-create value

Influence the future direction of the iCargo product roadmap and co-create value for the community

Cargo Forum 2020 Sessions

07 October 2020 | Cargo Forum 2020 Kick-off

Theme of the week - Cargo Forum 2020 Kick-off

We kick off the Cargo Forum 2020 virtual series with a summary of all business activities since the last IBS Cargo Forum (ICF) event in New Delhi in November 2019.

The global economy and the aviation business in particular is going through an unprecedented crisis in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. As economies around the world slowly reopen, air cargo businesses must rethink and revamp their business and operations if they have to succeed in the "new normal" that is evolving and crystalizing fast.

Registration closes on 05 October 2020

12:00 - 12:30 GMT Welcome Address and Business Update

Ashok Rajan - SVP and Head, Cargo & Logistics Solutions, IBS Software

12:30 - 13:00 GMT Keynote Address

Anand Krishnan - CEO, IBS Software

Short Break - 5 minutes

13:05 - 14:00 GMT Executive Panel - Road to Recovery

The executive panel comprising of global leaders in the aviation industry will discuss the impact that the crisis has had on their air cargo business and the opportunities that lie ahead, particularly emerging stronger at the end of this crisis through innovation and digitalization.


V K Mathews - Executive Chairman, IBS Group
Woo Kam Weng - CEO, POS Aviation
Jessica Tyler - President Cargo and VP Airport Excellence, American Airlines
Kurt Schosinsky - Managing Director, Avianca Cargo
Andrew Matters - Deputy Chief Economist, IATA


Ashok Rajan - SVP & Head, Cargo & Logistics Solutions LOB, IBS Software